Year of Steel

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Marriage, Uncategorized


Eleven Years Since Life Began
On the 13th of April

My Dearest Angel-Smile,

Eleven years calls for steel, I’m told
I suppose that makes good sense
Because love is forged through fiery trials
And burns away pretense.

Pretense is an attempt to make
Something that is not the case
Appear true

But pretense is not the word to use
When describing the deep affection,
Love, care and appreciation that I have for you.

You promised me eleven years ago
To stand by my side, to honour and obey
But I am blessed and privileged to say
That you have done, not only that, but so much more.

I am sorry that in keeping to my promise
I’ve not always been wholly true
In treating you as Christ treats me
In sacrificial love – nourishing and cherishing you.

Please forgive me?

If you will stay by my side until our Father calls us
From years of steel to streets of gold
I promise that I will strive
Against this selfish heart of mine
Inherited and owned in sin

To love you as I already love myself
To love you as Christ loved the church
To give myself up for you
To wash you with the water of the word
To live with you in an understanding way
To pray with you for our children
To earn your heart
To cultivate the soil for the fruit of the Spirit to grow

Thank you for forging us in the furnace of life, love and loyalty
Thank you for many moments of tenderness and deep affection
Thank you for modeling marriage for us.
Give us grace for gold.

I love you.

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